Feral Nation – Sabotage (Feral Nation Series)


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Treachery from within and a change of course… 

In Eric Branson’s line of work, taking things for granted can prove fatal. Countless successful combat missions have taught him to expect the unforeseen, even when it seems the objective is within reach.

Eric has a solid plan to get his family out of the nightmare his country has fallen into, but even a highly-experienced former Navy SEAL and special operations contractor can’t possibly anticipate every contingency in a hostile environment of evolving chaos.

With his ex-wife’s help, Eric has found his daughter, but it’s a long way back east from the mountains of New Mexico to the hurricane-ravaged swamps where the rest of their loved ones wait.

Once again, Eric has to put his family first and pay a steep price in both delays and risks to ensure they reach their destination. But even if they do, will they find the refuge there they expect? Will Eric be able to implement the final phase of his plan to get them out of this situation for good?

Feral Nation – Sabotage is the seventh book in the latest post-apocalyptic thriller series from Scott B. Williams.

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